TheSunfoldNews was begun of a craving to overcome any issues between what occurs in K-Entertainment and why it needed to occur. Not at all like some other media outlet on the planet, sunfold (web residents) assume a significant part in the dynamic cycle of Korean diversion organizations, and their force and impact basically can't be disregarded. 

Remember that the numbskulls and savages you find in the remarks segment of destinations like allkpop or Soompi exist around the world. 

All interpretations are mine except if cited or in any case noted and should be taken out with full credits connecting TheSunfoldNews

Often utilized TAGS: 

Normal, worn out: Usually utilized for posts that have monotonous or comparable remarks to different posts on a similar craftsman. 

Media Play: Articles where sunfold suspect "media play" is applied. See the FAQ for more information. 

Hollywood: Umbrella label that includes everything outside of Korean amusement. Initially began as a tag explicitly for the Hollywood business yet is presently utilized for each unfamiliar industry/big name overall. 

Talk Mill: Blind things and other X-File reports that have been coursing on the web. 

Television: Everything identified with Korean theatrical presentations and shows. 

Stories: Short fan records of VIPs that might possibly be valid however are broadly coursed and divided between fanbases. 

Haha: Funny posts. 

WTF: Posts that make you scratch your head. 

Non-Entertainment: Everything outside of media outlets. May incorporate governmental issues, society, instruction, culture, and so on 

Pann: Posts interpreted off of the Nate Pann people group. 

Telzone: Posts interpreted off of the Telzone people group. 

Instiz: Posts interpreted off of the Instiz people group. 

Positive Dumps: Discontinued. See the FAQ for more data.

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