Famous South Korean K-Pop Group ACE has Gotten Bad at Plum Branch 15 Thousand People Watched Those Moments

South Korean K-Pop group ACE met with Turkish fans online as part of the program organized by the Korean Cultural Center. The group played Erik Dalı for Turkish fans during the event.

Famous South Korean K-Pop group ACE has gotten bad at Plum Branch 15 thousand people watched those moments

The dance of ACE Group, which also reflected their own style to the plum branch, attracted great attention. . 15 thousand people watched the live performance of the South Korean group. Answering the questions of its fans, ACE tasted baklava, Turkish delight, and pies, among the desserts unique to Turkish cuisine, known as one of the top 3 world cuisines. Following the termination of the pandemic around the world voiced a strong wish to visit Turkey.


Answering the questions of their fans, the group also gave a mini-concert consisting of the favorite songs of Turkish fans. ACE performed the songs "Favorite Boys", "'Under Cover", "Savage", "If You Heard" selected by Turkish fans.

ACE, on the other hand, gave a message of consolation and support to Turkish fans who had a difficult time due to the earthquake and corona in Izmir. Korean Cultural Center Director Kee Hong Park said, "We wish the ACE online fan meeting will be an opportunity to convey consolation and hope to Turkish fans in these days when we are going through difficult times due to corona.

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