What the Actors of the Series Innocent Apartments Said About Izmir Touched Everyone

The words of the leading actors Merve Dizdar, Ezgi Mola, and Birkan Sokullu about the earthquake of 6.6 that took place in Izmir, before the new episode of Innocent Apartments series, which came to the screen with its new episode last night, touched everyone.

What the actors of the series Innocent Apartments said about Izmir touched everyone

In Izmir on Friday occurred the day of the earthquake, Seferihisar 's, as well as the city center, was felt in surrounding counties and intense. Some buildings in Izmir were destroyed, and many buildings were damaged. The bull laws in Turkey more than 100 people lost their lives in the earthquake, more than a thousand people were injured.


In the post on the social media account of the Masumlar Apartment series, the expressions "As Innocents Apartment, we wish God's mercy to those who lost their lives in the Izmir earthquake, patience to their relatives, urgent healing to the injured. Endless thanks to our search and rescue teams and everyone who supported it. Our hearts and prayers are with you, #PastOlsunIzmir."

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