Warning for the New Week From Meteorology Torrential Rain Expected in 5 Regions

According to the latest evaluations; It is expected that the northern, inner, and eastern parts of the country are partly and very cloudy, the western Black Sea coastal part, the Eastern Black Sea and the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia, the Eastern Mediterranean, Sivas and Ordu circles will be rainy.

Warning for the new week from Meteorology Torrential rain expected in 5 regions

According to the information from Meteorology; It is expected that the weather will be part and very cloudy in the northern, inner, and eastern parts of the country. Western Black Sea coastline, It is estimated that torrential rain will affect the Eastern Black Sea and Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia, Eastern Mediterranean, Sivas, and Ordu.


According to the latest estimates, the air temperature will be around seasonal norms and above seasonal norms in the eastern parts. The wind is expected to blow slightly from the north directions, occasionally from the middle, west, and southwest directions in Eastern Anatolia (30-50 km / h).

The highest temperatures of the day with the expected weather conditions in some provinces are as follows:

Ankara: Partly cloudy, 13 ° C

Istanbul: Partly and slightly cloudy, 17 ° C

Izmir: Few clouds, 20 ° C

Adana: Partly and very cloudy, local showers and thunderstorms, 26 ° C

Bursa: Partly and slightly cloudy, 17 ° C

Antalya: Partly cloudy, 25 ° C

Samsun: Partly cloudy, 18 ° C

Trabzon: Very cloudy and heavy rain, 17 ° C

Erzurum: Partly and very cloudy, intermittent showers, 13 ° C

Diyarbakır: Partly and very cloudy, with intermittent rain, 23 ° C

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