Wanda Nara Got Full Marks from Her Followers With Her Two Posts

Wanda Nara, wife of Argentine striker Mauro Icardi, wearing a PSG jersey, continues to be mentioned with his posts. Nara gained great admiration of her followers by sharing 2 photos, first half-naked and then by the pool.

Wanda Nara got full marks from her followers with her two posts

Wanda Nara, who is both the wife and manager of Argentine striker Mauro Icardi, has once again made a name for himself with his social media posts.

Wanda Nara, who has more than 7 million followers on Instagram, shared her half-naked pose with her fans and said "This is all that is left from the winter". This pose of 34-year-old Nara received more than 500 thousand likes.

While the successful manager shared the photos of his children after this pose, he finally made a post on the edge of the pool in his house and wrote the message "Like a mermaid ... This is how autumn and winter pass at home". This sharing of Wanda Nara also managed to get 280 thousand likes in a very short time.


Wanda Nara's brother, Zaira Nara, criticized the successful manager in an interview recently but stated that he still learned a lot from Wanda.

Wanda Nara got full marks from her followers with her two posts
Zaira Nara

Stating that he does not have to explain everything his brother Wanda did, Zaira Nara said, "Wanda is a headline machine. Even his sneezing becomes news. Maybe the price I pay is because he wants ideas in everything he does. I am not his spokesman and it is not my duty to explain what he does. We both. We are different personalities and our choices are also different. If he wants, he can share his photo from the private jet with his branded bag, but considering his surroundings, this behavior is not exaggerated. This is also about his commercial business at some point, ”he said.


Saying that Wanda is her biggest supporter in life despite being different characters, Zaira said, "Despite the difference in our existence, there is no one better to consult with him than him. We always look for each other to support them. He is very lively, intelligent, and always one step ahead with his looks. More than enough to avoid any discussion. He is tolerant and careful. His suggestion to me has always been: Zai, respect yourself. He taught me to set limits, to value myself, and to solve any problem in life quickly and easily, ”he said.

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