The State Gave Arms to The Boy Who Was Beaten and Hit by the Tradesmen

The Governorship of Sanlıurfa announced that all kinds of material and moral social support will be provided to the child, who was angry with the continuous drinking of water from the workplace and kicked and threw the child to the ground.

The state gave arms to the boy who was beaten and hit by the tradesmen

In the incident that took place in the Haleplibahce District on Saturday, the tradesman Mahmut Arıcı got angry with the 10-year-old boy who came to the workplace and went in and out to drink water. Mahmut Arıcı, who went out, caught the 10-year-old boy who left the workplace with his friend and started to beat him. The beekeeper then lifted the little boy who was kicked and smashed and hit the ground. The violence against young children reflected on the security cameras caused a great reaction on social media.


Police teams took action after intense reactions and detained Mahmut Arıcı. During his interrogation at the police station, Arıcı said that the child was constantly entering and leaving the workplace and that he was angry with this situation. Arıcı stated that he used violence and regretted the child by acting with momentary anger in the interrogation of the prosecutor's office and was arrested by the on-duty judge for 'assaulting the child' and was sent to prison.

The state gave arms to the boy who was beaten and hit by the tradesmen


Sanlıurfa Governorship announced that support will be provided to the child victim of violence and their family. In the statement made by the Governorship, it was stated that the shopkeepers who committed violence were arrested and that they were contacted with the child and his family: the person named MA, whose identity was identified was detained on the day of the incident and was arrested by the judicial authorities. social support will be provided. 

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