Swede breaks world record in the pole vault and threatens Thiago Braz bi

Armand Duplantis, just 20 years old, jumps 6.15 m and breaks the mark of the legendary Sergey Bubka, which has lasted 36 years
Born and raised in the United States, Armand Duplantis, Mondo, competes for Sweden

Swede Armand Duplantis, just 20 years old, broke the world record for pole vaulting that had lasted 36 years. He surpassed the 6.15-meter batten in the Diamond League stage in Rome this Thursday (9/17) and surpassed the mark of legendary Ukrainian Sergey Bubka by 1 cm. The new star of the sport is a big threat to the dream of Brazilian Thiago Braz to repeat the Olympic gold medal at the Tokyo Games in 2021 when he will be 27 years old.

Thiago was Olympic champion in Rio, with a jump of 6.03m, beating Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie, who, until then, was the current Olympic champion and record holder, but did not exceed 5.98m in the final of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. After the feat, however, the Brazilian's Olympic cycle was erased. The fourth position in the Shanghai stage, in China, was the best performance in the Diamond League of 2017. He went back to blank in the Diamond League in 2018, the year in which the best outdoor jump was 5.70m.

Despite acknowledging the bad phase in his career, Thiago had no difficulty in getting the Olympic index for Tokyo-2020: he jumped 5.80m in the 2019 Doha World Championship in France. Last year, he also got good results again brands: it was among the top three in the stage of Doha and Monaco - the one with the best mark of this Olympic cycle, with 5.92m. Still, it was not regular. It passed blank in the stages of Stockholm (Sweden), Lausanne, and Zurich (Switzerland).

Swede breaks world record in the pole vault and threatens Thiago Braz bi
Thiago Braz is the current Olympic champion


In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic left the current Olympic champion in an even more delicate situation. With budget cuts due to the health crisis caused by the new coronavirus, Pinheiros fired the athlete. Upon returning from competitions, Thiago made his best mark of the year with a jump of 5.82m, at the Meeting Istaf Berlin, in Germany, taking the third place. After this competition, the now athlete from Orcampi / Unimed-SP said goodbye to the European season and did not compete in the Diamond League of Rome.

Mondo, as the young Swede is known, has been taking successive victories with a big advantage to his opponents in the competitions of the last weeks. In them, in addition to the triumphs, Duplantis was already trying to beat the world record. After the last five attempts - which involved 15 jumps - the Swede passed the desired 6.15 m mark, breaking a hegemony that lasted for more than three decades. At 20, Thiago Braz had jumped a maximum of 5.76 m indoor. But, it is worth remembering, the Brazilian was not a favorite at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and surprised him at the main moment of his career.

Swede breaks world record in the pole vault and threatens Thiago Braz bi
Ukrainian Sergey Bubka (left), in 1996, assembling alongside the new sports star, Swede Mondo, in a jump made in 2020

Legendary Sergey Bubka

Ukrainian Sergey Bubka is considered the greatest pole vault of all time. Born in Luhansk, he won gold at the Seoul Olympic Games in 1998, won six consecutive titles in the World Athletics Championship, and collected 35 record-breaking games: 17 outdoors and 18 indoor.

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