Salma Hayek Has Repeatedly Tested for Coronavirus

Actor Salma Hayek, who wants to protect himself against the coronavirus, which has affected the whole world and cost the lives of more than 1 million people, has had coronavirus tests many times to date. The actor also posted those moments on his social media account.

Salma Hayek has repeatedly tested for coronavirus

Salma Hayek, the 54-year-old Mexican actress of Hollywood, has taken numerous tests to this time. Hayek, who routinely had coronavirus tests, immortalized these moments every time.


Hayek, who wants to draw attention to the importance of testing as well as being a troublesome process, combined the images of the tests he had done so far and shared it on his Instagram account, which has 16.5 million followers. The video that the player shared with the note "I made it done" received 702 thousand views.

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