Ronaldo from Juventus, Who Defeated the Coronavirus, Scored 2 Goals in the Spezia Match

Ronaldo from Juventus, who defeated the coronavirus, scored 2 goals in the Spezia match

Cristiano Ronaldo, who was involved in the game in the second half of the match between Juventus and Spezia, scored the second goal of his team 3 minutes later. Ronaldo had recently defeated the coronavirus. The star, who took the stage once more in the 76th minute, scored his second team's fourth goal from a penalty.

Juventus was the guest of Spezia in the 6th week of Serie A. Cristiano Ronaldo, who recently survived the coronavirus, was included in the match squad by coach Andrea Pirlo.

While the match continued 1-1, the star football player, who was included in the game in the 56th minute, recorded the goal of the black and white in the 59th minute. The star football player took the stage once again in the 76th minute and aired the networks for the second time in his name from the penalty.

Juventus left the game 4-1. Turin's other goals came from Alvaro Morata and Adrian Rabiot.

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