Pregnant Woman who Managed to Defeat Coronavirus Dies of Pneumonia

Pregnant woman who managed to defeat coronavirus dies of pneumonia

The expectant mother, who was defeated by the coronavirus in Denizli, died when she caught pneumonia during treatment. Her 7-month-old baby in the womb is taken by the doctors by cesarean section and struggles to survive in the incubator to hold on to life.

In the incident that took place in the Serinhisar district of Denizli, 23 years old N.O. The woman named Denizli State Hospital applied to Denizli State Hospital with suspicion of coronavirus. A 7-month-old pregnant young woman, who had a positive coronavirus test result at the hospital, was treated. The young woman, whose treatment has been ongoing for a while, managed to defeat the coronavirus. According to the allegations of the woman who was prepared to be a mother-to-be, it was stated that she got pneumonia during the treatment.


On the other hand, the expectant mother who learned to be married for 1 year, N.O. During the treatment, he suddenly got worse and was operated on. Despite all the interventions, the mother could not be saved and died. It was learned that while the 7-month-old baby of the young woman was taken with the help of the cesarean section, she would be kept in the incubator for a while. The death of the 23-year-old woman mourned her family and relatives. Mother N.O was buried in Serinhisar Cemetery today.

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