Get a Car in Turkey is no Longer a Dream 1975 Model Set a Price of 230 Thousand Lira for Anadol

1975 model 'Anadol Bocek' brand/model classic car in Amasya was put on sale for 230 thousand lira by the owner.

The owner, Tunc Uyarer, who stated that the vehicle he has been using since 1977 has been working perfectly, said, "They offered 200 thousand lira to my vehicle. I want 230 thousand lira. I would not even give it for 229 thousand lira.


After seeing his 45-year-old vehicle with the ladybug emblem in front of it and telling the children who look confusedly at the golf car chest, 62-year-old Uyarer stated that he believes that it will attract the attention of classic vehicle enthusiasts since there have been very few remaining since the period it was produced.

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