Famous Presenter Eser Yenenler Beat Coronavirus

Famous presenter Eser Yenenler beat coronavirus

Eser Yenenler, who caught coronavirus in recent weeks, shared a post about her health status on her social media account. The player who defeated the virus also met with his pregnant wife and son, with whom he had been separated for 14 days.

Successful player and presenter Eser Yenenler, who announced that the last coronavirus test was negative, said, "I did not want to occupy the agenda in this difficult period, but many people are asking. My last covid test turned out to be negative. Thank God, I wish everyone a healthy day. Please pay attention." shared his message.


Berfu Yenenler, who went to his father's house with his son Kuzey after his wife's coronavirus test was positive, on his social media account "We preferred not to post about us in this difficult period in order not to keep the agenda busy, but we do not want to leave your questions unanswered. Fortunately, we have left the family illness period behind and all of us. The last test of Eser turned out to be negative. The 14-day quarantine process is over. My test is also negative in the North. Thank goodness we returned home with the negative test of Eser and we are together. We are still careful not to go out and is in quarantine for a while. We will continue to stay. Thank you very much for your good wishes.


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