Words from Danla Bilic that will Shake the Agenda: Enes Batur has been in Love with me for Years

Danla Bilic, a social media phenomenon who got stuck on the lenses while leaving a venue last night, reminded that Enes Batur tweeted that he did not like him and said "Enes has rejection syndrome, he is in love with me".

Words from Danla Bilic that will shake the agenda Enes Batur has been in love with me for years

Publications that make up the video with a famous name in the phenomenon of Da with Bilic, chat with the reporter " Enes Batur for you, 'I do not like Da with the seer,' he threw tweet" agenda on to say a bomb made statements to fell like.


Bilic, for Batur, who is a phenomenon like him, "Enes Batur has a rejection syndrome, a rejected man enters this psychology. Enes is a man rejected by me for years and he likes me. Enes Batur is in love with me and he cannot get an answer from me. I give me right if I am." I would fall in love, "he said.

After Danla Bilic's words, all eyes were turned to Enes Batur, but no explanation has yet been made from the phenomenon.

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