Where is Ahlat? Where is Ahlat Connected? What is the Ahlat Population?

Where is Ahlat Where is Ahlat connected What is the Ahlat population

Ahlat, with its fertile plains and natural beauties, is one of the most important historical centers in the world. Where is Ahlat about Ahlat? Where is Ahlat connected? Issues such as the number of Ahlat population are being investigated. So where is Ahlat?

Ahlat, Bitlis through Van's a right way and Bitlis, Van Lake on the coast, Nimrod and is a special district in Suphan mountains. Well, where is Ahlat? Where is Ahlat connected? What is the Ahlat population?


  • Area: 989 km²
  • Altitude : 1,650 m
  • City: Bitlis

Ahlat is a district of Bitlis province with a population of 22,000, in the northwest of Lake Van. Bulanik and Malazgirt districts of the province of Mus in the north, Mus province in the west, Van Lake in the south, Tatvan and Bitlis in the southwest, and Lake Van and Adilcevaz in the east.

Urartians, the oldest inhabitants of the city, called it "Halads", while Turks and Iranians called it "Ahlat", Kurds "Xelat", Armenians "Shaleat", Assyrians "Kelath" and Arabs "Hil' at".

It is also known as "Kubbet-ul Islam" in the Islamic world.


There are various rumors and rumors about the origin of the city's name. But the most common one among the people is that the name of the city, the king of Urartu, Lat, who was seriously wounded as a result of war, was burned by his daughter Derminia on behalf of his father ahh! This and many other similar stories have been told by the local people.


The surface shapes of the district, which is spread over a rural area of 1044 km², differ in terms of both form and form of occurrence. Nemrut, one of the few volcanoes of the world, is in the west of Ahlat; Suphan is located to the east.

Although the district is located on the northern shore of Lake Van, its climate has the characteristic of a continental climate. Winter in the region starts very early and lasts a long time. It is only in the middle of April that the weather starts to get warmer. In addition to the fact that the summer season of the region lasts until the end of August, some years also cover the month of September. The annual average rainfall is 1000-1500 mm.

Since it is on the shore of Lake Van and the abundance of annual rainfall, Ahlat has a greener and lush vegetation apart from the steppe vegetation, which is the general vegetation of the region.


Ahlat city is a district that stands out with its historical cemeteries. Tombstones from the Seljuk period have an important value in Turkish history.

In addition to these, there are cupola tombs that belong to the Seljuk period, which are sarcophagus graves, and these tombs were made with stones unique to Ahlat, which are frequently used in the region. In these cupolas, which is an indication that stone processing was at the forefront in the district, there are tombs of respected people of the period.

The tradition of cane making, which is one of the fields of occupation of the people, is still an important cultural and artistic activity today. Each of these canes, which are made using special techniques, are created as a result of great efforts and devotion. The people of the district, who show their mastery in this subject by transferring interesting and creative figures to the tree, use this talent as an important cultural tourism tool and become successful.

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