What time does McDonald's Start Serving Lunch?

McDonald's is a fast-food chain that introduced breakfast in the year 1975 and since has been providing quick-to-eat food items all around the globe through its thousands of outlets.

McDonald's starts serving lunch somewhere around 10:30 a.m. from Monday to Friday and from 11 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays in almost every outlet.

You can also order happy meals in your lunch menu apart from the normal and juicy burgers and french fries which are loved by millions of people.

What time does McDonald's Start Serving Lunch


What time does McDonald's serve lunch?

It was believed that the McDonald's is only the provider of quick food items which can be consumed during the time of breakfast or snacks.

But over the years it has tried to change its image by even introducing new items on the menu so that the needs of the people can be kept a right from breakfast till the dinner.

It has been regularly improvising by introducing the local delicacies in every country like the Mac spicy paneer and McMaharaja in India and the specialty chicken burger in the USA.

This improvisation and learning over time have resulted in the widespread acceptance of the McDonald's chain and the increasing loyal consumer base.

The time of 10:30 every morning has been chosen by McDonald's so that the people who want to have brunch can easily visit the outlet and have the same while the people who still want to have the breakfast can also have the same by choosing from the menu.

McDonald's Menu for Breakfast and Lunch

A lot of good items are added by the McDonald's for the people to choose from. The breakfast has a variety of burgers, sandwiches, shakes, and coffee so that you can kick start your day with something energetic.

The menu of the lunch is very diverse which contains various happy meals and combos including French fries’, burgers, chicken, and paneer substitute along with ice creams and shakes.

You can also order cold drinks which are normal or cold drinks with the topping of ice creams and marshmallows.

All this provides a wholesome diet and completes the calories that are required for a proper lunch and that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

The variety which is provided by McDonald's and that too at cheap rates has resulted in making it the pioneer in the segment of fast food providers all around the world.


McDonald's Lunch Menu

S No.

Item Name


Basic Burgers


Happy Meals


Cold Drinks




Mc Floats


Saver Combos


Hot Beverages


McDonalds Lunch Menu

Pro Tips for Lunch at McDonald's

For our valuable readers, we bring the pro tips which our experts have arrived upon after hours of research. One can follow these tips to get the best brunch or lunch at the nearest McDonalds outlet and the same lot of time and money:

  • You can choose to have brunch instead of lunch to maintain the balance between breakfast and lunch.
  • The items provided by McDonald's after 10:30 every morning are some of the best and available at cheap rates.
  • You can customize the items according to your needs so that the daily required calories can be easily met and at the same time ensuring the great taste of the McD items.
  • You can also include beverages available at the McDonalds outlet like the cold drinks, shakes, and McCafe Coffee so that the diet can become wholesome.
  • You can visit the storeany time before 2:30 pm every day to get the best breakfast and happy meal deals at the nearest Mcdonald's outlet.

Final Verdict

In this informational article, we have tried to bust the myth related to the question of at what time does McDonald's starts serving lunch by providing a glimpse of the menu which the outlet offers at cheap prices.

By choosing the right mix of food items from the list of amazing delicacies offered by McDonald's you can easily meet the daily energy requirements and that too without straining much on the finances and at the same time getting one of the best and safest food available in your city.


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