What is The Best Bank to Save? Accounts to Remunerate up to € 350

Although it is complicated, you can still find accounts with succulent returns and little (or no commission) to better optimize our savings.

That a bank offers a good return on the savings of its customers is no longer as common as a few years ago. Additionally, since the rise in commissions and tightening of the conditions of the bank account contracts that the Spanish banks notified en bloc during the last months of last year, it is also more difficult to avoid the costs of the accounts.

What is the best bank to save Accounts to remunerate up to € 350

However, we can still find succulent returns and little or no commissions if we know where to look. The experts of the financial comparator HelpMyCash.com facilitate this task for savers since they analyze monthly the offer of savings products that are marketed in Spain. What is the best option according to our pocket?

For the beginning saver

If we have decided to save relatively recently and we still do not have a very high savings base, there are very profitable alternatives for our type of profile. An example is the Bankinter Payroll Account, which offers a profitability of 5% APR for one year for the first 5,000 euros that we keep in the account. During the second year, profitability is reduced to 2% APR. In total, the owner of the account contract can add up to 350 euros in returns in two years.

Of course, the profitability offered by Bankinter is in exchange for something. Customers must direct debit a payroll of 1,000 euros, direct three receipts per quarter, and make at least three movements per quarter with the credit card associated with the account. Both the account and the credit card are free.

For the advanced saver

There are savings accounts that pay higher amounts for those who have a higher amount of savings, however, their profitability does not usually reach 1% APR. The Burbank Savings Account offers a 0.25% APR for amounts up to 100,000 euros, in addition to the possibility of getting up to 200 euros as a gift when contracting the savings product through Raisin Spain, the German platform for deposits and paid accounts of banks located in European countries.

As it is a savings account, the BRAbank account does not have commissions or requires compliance with requirements, we only have to meet the conditions of the promotion if we want to obtain the incentive. To do this, we must keep money in the account for a minimum of six months, and, depending on the amount we invest, the gift will be more or less high. The maximum incentive is 200 euros.

Combining is the key

" Combining several accounts or other products and distributing our savings in several banks to take full advantage of the profitability offers offered by different banks is a more than successful practice", they explain from HelpMyCash.com

In addition to the accounts, we can consider the idea of contracting other types of savings products that also involve the safe investment of our money: time deposits.

There are fixed-term deposits that offer up to 1.36% APR and, depending on what we invest in the product, we can earn thousands of euros by keeping the money in the medium or long term. This is the example of what the c5-year Deposit offers, a deposit that could generate up to 3,500 euros in interest with an investment of 50,000 euros.

But, although they are marketed at different terms, the deposits most contracted by savers are the one-year fixed terms, which are around 1% APR. These types of products offer the possibility of recovering money and interest in a short period of time, something that savers value positively.

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