Vaccines Against COVID -19 Would not Apply to Children, do You Think it Will be a Problem

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Vaccines against COVID -19 would not apply to children, do you think it will be a problem

To date, there are no clinical trials of a vaccine candidate against COVID-19 to be applied to children, Health Minister Pilar Mazzetti said on Monday. In statements to the media after participating in the ceremony for the Peruvian Medicine Day and the 85th Anniversary of the Ministry of Health, he detailed the population groups that are planned to be immunized against the coronavirus: health personnel, followed by the Armed Forces and the National Police, followed by older adults, among others.

“The vaccine is made for all the people who have to vaccinate and who attend. It is done for people who are at risk such as the elderly, and it is done for other people. Children are not vaccinated, for example. Why can't we vaccinate children, because there are no vaccines for children? There has not been any trial that has been done for children, so we will not be able to vaccinate children, "said Mazzetti.

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