Underwear Collection from Penti to Make You Say "WOW"

Underwear Collection from Penti to Make You Say WOW

Penti creates a very special bra collection in her underwear.

Three-piece push-up effect bras allow you to reach the desired breast size with a removable pad feature. The collection also stands out with its vibrant colors.

Thanks to its thin, soft, and shiny micro fabric, the WOW-BRA bra offers a striking appearance and comfortable use. The bra with triple push up effect provides at least 2 sizes of breast growth. The pads in the product, which are available in 3 colors as sax blue, tan and black, can be removed.

WOW-BRA Lace Color bra complements its energizing color with lace details that add excitement. The product with a triple push-up effect makes it look 2 sizes bigger but does not feel uncomfortable with its soft texture. Besides, thanks to its removable pads, you can get the breast size you want.

REBEL bra is the most savior product of summer. The product, which can be opened and closed from the front, is the favorite of nightwear with its back-strap model. The lace detail in the soft texture on the back adds a romantic atmosphere to the product.

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