Unavoidable Rise in Egg Prices Continues

While the price increase in the indispensable egg of the tables continues day by day, the unions and cooperatives in Afyonkarahisar, where the egg prices are determined throughout the country, refrain from explaining why the prices have increased. While the egg has been raised by 30 percent in the last month, the citizens are reactive.

Unavoidable Rise in Egg Prices Continues

Turkey's eggs Afyonkarahisar, which determines the price Basmakcı the grain size and the price of eggs in the county based on the quality varies between 40-56 cents. While it is learned that the prices have increased by almost 30 percent in the last 1 month, the package price of the egg in the market and delicatessen in the city varies between 16-20 TL.

They avoid making statements

The determination of prices for eggs and almost unavoidable price increase experienced in cooperatives and associations in Basmakcı district in Turkey's egg market position is avoided from making statements about experienced an increase in the price. The cooperative and association executives, who left the Ihlas News Agency reporters' questions unanswered, argued that the reason for the rise in prices was not only related to them, namely the manufacturers.


Citizens reacted to the sale of the egg parcel for 19 TL and expressed that the prices were abnormal. Citizens complained that the increase in the price of the eggs they consume almost every day made them difficult and therefore they could not buy eggs.


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