Top 20 Beach Clean in Turkey's

Turkey's top 20 beach clean

Offering a wide range of options for the summer holidays in Turkey will announce the name of the world is so clean and beautiful beaches. researched. Here are the Top 20 Clean Beach Turkey.

Which beach should you prefer for the Eid al-Adha holiday? Here is Turkey's Travel Site of the cleanest 20 cleanest beaches in Turkey.

Kaputas Beach, Antalya

As Turkey's most beautiful beaches in the world press announced the name Kaputas Beach is actually a bit difficult to reach but the beach is so beautiful that we can say that this is difficult to be reached. The fact that it is away from the crowds keeps the beach clean. Offering the most beautiful form of turquoise color, Kaputas Beach promises you a wonderful holiday.

Patara Beach, Antalya

Patara, which is determined as the tourism theme of 2020, is also the center of attention with its beach. Patara Beach, which stretches for 12 kilometers next to Patara Ancient City, was chosen by British travel writers as the cleanest beach in Europe. There are many reasons to swim from Patara Beach, which offers a turquoise view as far as the eye can see and has a very shallow sea.

Top 20 Beach Clean in Turkey's
Cirali Beach, Antalya

Cirali Beach, Antalya

Cıralı Beach is almost like a paradise built in the forest. cıralı is a destination declared as a protected area for the protection of its natural and historical beauties. In this way, it does not lose its naturalness and the beach always remains clean. Who wouldn't want to swim on this beach, which is shown by The Guardian as the cleanest beach of Antalya after Patara Beach and is only a flight ticket away?

Kalkan Public Beach, Antalya

The beach of Kalkan Public Beach, located in the center of Kalkan, consists of small pebbles. Also, since the water is covered with pebbles, the sea cannot be found after the waves. It continues to maintain its clean and clear appearance. The beach, which has a cold sea due to the spring waters coming from the mountains, fascinates its guests with its crystal clearness.

Top 20 Beach Clean in Turkey's
Cleopatra Beach, Alanya

Cleopatra Beach, Alanya

Cleopatra Beach, located at the foot of Alanya Castle, which is the symbol of Alanya, looks like a pool surrounded by rocks. According to rumors, a Roman general gifted Alanya and its surroundings to Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Cleopatra used to swim in this beach frequently to take a bath. For this reason, it became known as Cleopatra Beach. The water of this beach, which has a Blue Flag award, is so clear that you can clearly see under the water while swimming.

Iztuzu Beach, Ortaca

Iztuzu Beach, surrounded by fresh and salty water, is among the rarest beaches in the world with this feature. Another important feature of the 4.5-kilometer-long beach is that it hosts eggs of Caretta. All precautions are taken to ensure that the turtles are not disturbed by the beach, which is closed to public use between 20.00 and 08.00. For this reason, Iztuzu Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in our country. In fact, it attracts worldwide attention with its cleanliness and beauty.

Butterfly Valley, Fethiye

Butterfly Valley is a paradise built in the middle of nature surrounded by 350-meter cliffs. Although it is not possible to reach the valley by land, you can reach it by boats departing from Fethiye. As soon as you step into the Butterfly Valley, you will be amazed by the view of the deep blue and clear sea.

Oludeniz, Fethiye

Among the beaches of our country, Oludeniz Beach is the most famous in the world. In 2006, it was voted the most beautiful beach in the world with a high rate of votes by a German newspaper. Although the water of Oludeniz, which looks like a closed lake, is very calm and shallow, the water level is constantly rising and falling. For this reason, the sea remains clear and clean. He deservedly receives the Blue Flag awards. During your holiday in Fethiye, you must make a reservation in a hotel that has this view.

Cleopatra Beach, Sedir Island

Located in the Gulf of Gokova, Sedir Island has a legendary beach, as its name suggests. According to what is said; Antonius brought special sands from Egypt to this beach for the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. The beach really has a beautiful sea and a beach that deserves to be the subject of legends. No beaches of golden sand anywhere else in Turkey. Since it is so special, it is forbidden to enter the beach with slippers, sunbathe at the sands and take sand to take with you. "Places I need to go before she died in Turkey," If you have such a list should be sure to include this beach.

Incekum Beach, Marmaris

Incekum Beach, located right across Cleopatra Beach, makes you feel as if you have gone to a tropical island. Since the region is declared as a protected area, you can reach the beach, whose naturalness has never been spoiled, by tractors. It is an invaluable feeling to walk on the fine and soft sand and enjoy the shallow and clear sea.

Ortakent Kargı Beach, Bodrum

Kargı Beach, also known as Camel Beach, impresses its guests with its sandy beach. Among the sand of the beach, lilies that are rare in the world appear. When you go to Bodrum, you can reach Kargı with your vehicle or you can use the boats departing from the district center.

Sarimsakli Beach, Ayvalik

When we talk about Ayvalık, we all think of Sarımsaklı Beach. You can spend time on the 7-kilometer sandy beach from sunrise to sunset and leave yourself in the cool waters. Sarımsaklı Beach, which is among the best sands in the world to the World Health Organization with its radiation interactions in its sand, is an ideal option for the Eid al-Adha holiday. If you still do not have a Sacrifice Holiday plan, it is not too late to buy a bus ticket to Ayvalık.

Kadırga Bay Beach, Assos

It is very easy to reach Kadırga Bay, the most beautiful bay of Assos, by car or by bus… The bay, which brings you together with a deep blue sea in the green nature, stands out with its long and stony beach. In the first days of autumn, a sea like a chador greets you.

Aquarium Bay, Bozcaada

While swimming in Aquarium Bay, you can see the bottom of the sea clearly and feel like you are swimming in an aquarium. The crystal clear sheep environment is very virgin. In this way, natural beauty has been preserved, but there are no facilities where you can find the things you may need. So make sure you take your needs with you before you go

Ayazma Beach, Bozcaada

Ayazma Beach is one of Bozcaada's favorite spots, but its water is a bit cold. You can take a minibus to Ayazma, which has a very large beach covered with fine golden sand.

Top 20 Beach Clean in Turkey's
Akbuk Bay, Gokova

Akbuk Bay, Gokova

We all deserved to swim on a quiet, calm, and clean beach this year. Here is a bay where you will achieve this dream; Akbuk Bay. You can leave yourself in the arms of the waters in Akbuk Bay, one of the most unique places in the Gulf of Gokova.

Ovabuku Bay, Datca

Ovabuku Bay, one of Datca's most beautiful bays, can be reached by passing through Datca's difficult and rugged roads. Ovabuku, which is wider than the other bays around it, is much cleaner and clearer due to its width.

Maiden's Castle Public Beach, Mersin

If you want to spend your holiday in Mersin, Kız Kalesi Public Beach, a beach located opposite the Kız Kalesi, is ideal for you. The shallow sea is so blue and so clear that the more you swim, the more you swim. You can also go to see the Maiden's Castle by renting a pedalo from the businesses on this beach.

Sand Sea Public Beach, Urla

Kum Sea Public Beach is the only beach in Urla that has received the Blue Flag award. For this reason, it is very popular with those living in Urla and by the excursionists coming to Urla from the surrounding districts. The beach, which is run by the municipality, also has activity areas such as a water playground, walking, and cycling areas.

Inkumu Beach, Bartin

Incumu Beach, one of the cleanest beaches of the Western Black Sea, is covered with fine sand. Despite being the Black Sea, the beach, which has a calm and calm sea, is a destination you can choose on your Black Sea tour.

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