"Tight Bun" Cause of Baldness

 Tight bun cause of baldness

Turkish Dermatology Association Board Member Dr. Sema Karaoglu stated that wrong hair collection styles can cause baldness in women.

Dermatologist Karaoglu told Anadolu Agency (AA) that hair loss has been on the agenda with men recently, but hair loss in women is similar to men.

Explaining that "male-type" hair loss is also seen in women, Karaoglu said, "We do not consider it as a disease in men, this is mostly related to genetic and structural features. However, when women have male pattern hair loss, we definitely go for treatment." said.

Drawing attention to the different causes of hair loss, Karaoglu stated that besides the hair and scalp diseases, some behavioral reasons also affect the hair loss.

Emphasizing that hair collection styles are also effective in hair loss, Karaoglu said:

"When the patient comes with the complaint of hair loss, we first learn when and how the hair is shed, whether it is shed by combing. Because we consider it normal to lose about 80-110 strands of hair per day. If there is excessive shedding, the patient should definitely be examined. We look at them if they have a vitamin deficiency, iron deficiency, biotin deficiency, thyroid disease, hormonal disorders. The examination gives us more or less an idea. Because sometimes there are spills in the form of money, round bald areas. These are the disease known as hair breakage among the people. We see thinning on the sides of the hair due to the wrong hair collection styles. Sometimes we can see serious baldness due to the stretching of the hair. "

Hairstyle spills increase

Karaoglu stated that in recent years, hair loss caused by hair binding models with excessive pulling of the hair known as "Traction alopecia" has been observed.

"Making a tight bun from the top triggers this style of a spill." Karaoglu said:

"This bun usually does not open at home. It happens that this bun is not broken for 2-3 days. The pulling of the hair from the sides is perceived as finishing the hair. The hair breaks out of the pulled parts in time and the broken ones do not grow again. This is 4-5 centimetres opened, baldness has developed. Hair and eyebrow hair has a characteristic, if they are shed, they will not be replaced. People call it an embarrassment.

Karaoglu, referring to the necessity of making a bun without stretching and tightening the hair, said, "The hair should be tied by pulling the hair so that it does not break. It is desired to show the hair pulled and the eyes pulled, but those broken strands do not come back after a few breaks. There is no follicle. The leg hair has a spare follicle, but since there is no spare hair follicle here, it gets very offended and does not come back in the form of hair. " used the expressions.

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