The Closed Decision of the TRNC in Varosha Disturbed the World: The Reactions Came One After the Other

The closed decision of the TRNC in Varosha disturbed the world The reactions came one after the other

The decision of the TRNC to open Maras beaches disturbed some countries and international organizations. European Union High Representative Josep Borrell and the Russian Foreign Ministry reacted to the decision to open Maras, which has been closed to civilian use in Northern Cyprus for 46 years.

The decision to open the Maras beaches announced by TRNC Prime Minister Ersin Tatar yesterday from Ankara disturbed Russia, the European Union, and the United Nations. Russian Foreign Ministry, 'We are seriously concerned about the TRNC's plans to open their Maras beach "was released. The decision statement,' unacceptable 'as was described. The European Union (EU) Foreign Affairs and Security High Representative Josep Borrell while making calls on Turkey" Let the decision be reviewed, "he said.


Prime Minister Tatar, who is a candidate for the presidential elections to be held three days later in the TRNC, made a statement in Maras yesterday at a joint press conference with President Tayyip Erdogan, causing the government to fall in the country. The People's Party (HP) withdrew from the TRNC government on the grounds that they were not consulted on this issue and that the UN-controlled Varosha election material was used.


The European Union (EU) High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Services Security Policy, Josep Borrell, to Turkey, Cyprus ' decision to go public on the coastline of the city of tau found in Marash reviewing the call.

Borrell, in his speech in the European Parliament, "United in accordance with the agreement of the Nations, which closed the opening of this region, the rude manner in violation of the agreement. Turkey We are preparing a statement containing such activities stop call" he said.

"This new initiative is not constructive, it will lead to new tension and will not help deal, it will not make it easier to find a solution to the complex situation in the Eastern Mediterranean," added Josep Borrell.


The Russian Foreign Ministry made a statement, "We are seriously concerned about the TRNC's plan to open the shores of Maras."

The United Nations also called yesterday to avoid unilateral steps.

One of the most controversial topics on the island

The opening of Maras, which has been closed to settlement since 1974, is one of the most controversial topics between Turks and Greeks on the island.

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