Teleworking Stays: It Will Remain in Eight Out of Ten Companies After the Crisis

Teleworking stays It will remain in eight out of ten companies after the crisis

79% of the companies that have been forced to extend telematic work due to COVID assure that they will extend the model beyond the pandemic.

Teleworking is here to stay. The workers of eight out of ten companies will keep the office at home, despite the coronavirus crisis. 79% of the companies that have been forced to extend telematic work due to the pandemic, assure that they will extend this model once the confinement situation is over, although with a percentage of 50% of the working day.

This is clear from a survey carried out by Atento, a customer relationship services company and business process outsourcing in Latin America, to find out how the Covid-19 crisis has affected the business models of its customers, among which are find companies in the retail, banking, insurance, and telecommunications sectors. Half of those surveyed consider that the greatest risk that companies face after the crisis is the loss of customers and the decrease in consumption of their product or service, specifically 47%.

The contact center has been the channel most used by customers to communicate with brands, followed by web applications and mobile apps, with an increase of 24%, 21%, and 17% respectively. Also, 8 out of 10 respondents say that the confinement situation imposed by Covid-19 has modified the use of these channels.

Transformations in the business model

On the other hand, six out of ten companies surveyed confess that they have had to modify their digital strategy due to the Covid-19 crisis. The objectives are very diverse: while 25% have changed the strategy to obtain short-term results, another 25% do so to streamline projects and another 25%, to align projects to business needs.

"It is quite revealing to us that, after the crisis, clients are so clear that teleworking has come to stay, and that they may even suggest that half of the activity of their customer relationship centers is carried out with agents teleworking. Without a doubt, We see a great opportunity in the long-term implementation of the home office model for our industry, "says Atento's CEO in the EMEA region, Jose Maria Perez Melber.

In his opinion, the results are showing that the same quality and efficiency standards can be maintained with more motivated employees, applying monitoring tools adapted to the new situation.

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