Telegram Already Allows Video Calls in its Latest Version for iPhone

This is how some users of the beta for iOS from version 6.3 have begun to notice on Reddit, who have been able to use this function in calls.

Telegram already allows video calls in its latest version for iPhone

The Telegram messaging application did not have video calls until now, but now it has begun to test a new experimental function in its latest iOS beta with which its users can make video calls for the first time. This has started to be noticed on Reddit by some users of the beta of Telegram for iOS from version 6.3, who have been able to use the call function after activating the option of ' experimental functions ' in the application settings.

The button to start video calls is shown when accessing the profile of other users, among the options at the top, as shown by the video shared by users. At the moment it is only an experimental function not available in the stable version of the 'app', and the video call can only be made if both users have the characteristic.

However, this is the first time that it is possible to make video calls through Telegram, an option that has been present for several years in some of its rivals such as Whats-app and Facebook Messenger and that has become popular with the confinement caused by the pandemic. in recent months.

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