SSI Took Action! Flash Decision, Now

It concerns millions of people. SSI took action. Employees will no longer need to apply to a doctor again to get a rest report. Rest reports can be processed automatically by the SSI. Thus, employees who are in isolation due to the risk of COVID-19 will receive an incapacity allowance without the need to go to the hospital.


SSI took action! Flash decision, now


Zehra Zumrut Selcuk, Minister of Family, Labor, and Social Services, announced that employees who have received coronavirus treatment or who have a high risk of transmission by radiation teams will benefit from incapacity benefit without applying to health institutions.

Stating that they have added a new one to the support provided for employees since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Minister Selcuk noted that they facilitated the rest report required for temporary incapacity allowance.

Pointing out that in the current practice, employees caught coronavirus apply to physicians to get a rest report, Minister Selcuk said, “Our employees will no longer need to apply to a doctor again to get a rest report. The rest of the reports issued by the radiation teams via FITAS (Fillation and Insulation Tracking System) will be automatically processed by the SSI. Thus, we will pay our employees the incapacity allowance of the reports issued for the period of their quarantine ”.

Minister Selcuk, regarding the implementation, said, “We support our citizens who cannot work due to being in isolation. At the same time, we plan to reduce the burden on our hospitals by reducing the risk of contamination for public health, ”he said.

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