Special Yoghurt and Egg Hair Mask for Oily Hair

Special yoghurt and egg hair mask for oily hair

For your hair to look healthy and vibrant, you need to care for your hair type. Especially oily hair should apply sensitive care to their hair with special masks.

Oily hair should be treated differently than other hair. Its special mask made with oil and eggs will be the savior of oily hair. Here is a special mask application for oily hair. 

The combination of oil-free yogurt and egg will take your oily hair under control. All you have to do is to combine these two ingredients together with your hair.


Required Ingredients: 1 egg, 50 grams of nonfat yogurt

Special yoghurt and egg hair mask for oily hair

Preparation: Before doing this application, wash and dry your hair. Mix the skimmed yogurt and egg in a bowl. Apply to your hair. Wait half an hour and rinse your hair with lukewarm water. Finally, wash your hair using an herbal shampoo.

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