Slimming Salad Recipe

Slimming salad recipe

With the protein-filled content of the green lentil salad, you will be both satiated and slimmed down. You can add lentil salad, which turns into a delicious recipe with compatible vegetables, to your diet list.

You can choose lentil salad for your meals to alleviate the foods with high nutritional value in Kurban Bayram. Thus, your menus will be light and you will be able to maintain your diet.


  • Half a glass of boiled green lentils
  • Half a glass of boiled chickpeas
  • A small amount of curd cheese
  • Chili and salt
  • Arugula or cress
  • 1 tomato
  • 2 red peppers
  • A pinch of fresh mint
  • A few leaves of lettuce
  • A teaspoon of olive oil

Slimming salad recipe


  • Start by boiling salads and green lentils.
  • Chop the greens and tomatoes.
  • Finely chop the arugula, butter, and rosemary.
  • Chop the lettuce into large pieces.
  • Put all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix. Do not add spices and cheese to it.
  • Pour the olive oil over the salad and serve.

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