Seven Pupils in History and Cultural Heritage of Turkey with Tourists

Gobekli Tepe from the ancient city of Ephesus, Aspendos Theater, the Historical Peninsula, Chalcolithic best historical and touristic places in seven new regions of the ruins until Turkey has compiled for you.

Seven pupils in history and cultural heritage of Turkey with tourists

Turkey, with its historical and cultural heritage of the pupil of the seven domestic and global tourists. Ancient cultures that host the territory of Turkey, east, west, north, and south every year thousands of historical heritage located welcomes domestic and foreign tourists.

Marmara Region

Marmara Region, hosting historical ruins and cultural riches, fascinates those who see it with its mystical texture. The Historical Peninsula Region, located within the oldest borders of Istanbul, Bursa Grand Mosque built by the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I, Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park in Canakkale, one of the most important fronts of World War I, is at the top of the list of places to visit. takes place.

Aegean Region

The Aegean Region, with its settlements and ruins from ancient civilizations, opens its doors to local and foreign tourists every year. The ancient city of Ephesus in the region has survived as one of the most important capitals of the world for centuries. The history of Ephesus Ancient City, which houses the Temple of Artemis, one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, the world-famous Celcus Library, and the Temple of Hadrian, dates back to BC. It dates back to the 7000s.

The most striking structure of the ancient city in Didim, which hosts Didyma, also known as the "World's Largest City of Prophecy", is the Temple of Apollo.

the Mediterranean region

Home to thousands of years of ancient settlements, the region is a frequent destination for travelers. Aspendos Antique Theater, located in the Aspendos (Belkıs) Ancient City in Antalya, was built in the 2nd century AD. This ancient theater, with a capacity of approximately 20,000 people, is still used today for various art events.

Another important destination of the region is Heaven and Hell, an archaeological site full of both natural and historical beauties located in the Narlıkuyu district of Mersin. The smaller of these natural wonders is called Hell, and the big one is Heaven. It is possible to go down to Paradise with a 450-step staircase and visit the Virgin Mary Church located here. It is not possible to go down to the Hell part due to natural conditions.

Central Anatolia Region

The Central Anatolia Region, which hosts the unique beauties of our country, is the center of attention of travelers with its ancient culture. Chalcolithic, located in the region, sheds light on the history of humanity. It has been used as a settlement center for about 2000 years starting from 5500 BC and has evolved from village campus to urban life over time. You can visit Chalcolithic, which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2012 and observe everything about the art and daily life of the period.

Eskisehir's colorful face, Odunpazarı Houses, hosts traditional Anatolian Turkish architecture. It is possible to stroll through these historical streets, take pictures, watch glass art, and find products at affordable prices.

Black Sea region

Located in the Black Sea, where you can see every shade of green and blue, Zilkale is located on the shore of Rize's famous natural beauty, Fırtına Creek. There are 8 towers and 1 watchtower in the castle built on a rocky slope. You can enjoy the unique nature of the Black Sea from the breathtaking view of the castle, which attracts attention both in terms of its place and shape.

The first step in the establishment of our country was taken when the Bandırma Ferry, where the journey that started the War of Independence, landed Ataturk and his comrades on May 19, 1919. This is why the undeniable place in the history of the Republic of Turkey. The ferry, which has been open to the exhibition as a museum by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality since 2006, displays wax sculptures, old compasses, maps, and other ship items.

Southeastern Anatolia Region

The mystical and impressive atmosphere of Southeastern Anatolia fascinates its guests. The ancient city of Zeugma, which attracts attention with its deep-rooted history, original sculptures, and rare beauty mosaics, is one of the most important historical points of the region. You can visit most of the artifacts found in the ancient city, 57 km from Gaziantep, at the Zeugma Mosaic Museum.

Gobekli tepe, which causes the re-discussion of human history, is thought to be the world's first temple. Make sure to write Gobekli tepe, which is also called "the zero point of history", on your list of things you should see before you die.

Eastern Anatolia Region

The Eastern Anatolia Region, which has hosted many civilizations with its thousands of years of history, embraces Ani Ruins, a settlement that has been the scene of various civilizations for hundreds of years. If you want to visit the ruins with many ancient churches, you can take a look at the plane tickets to Kars, or if you want to visit during the winter months, maybe you can return by the Eastern Express train.

Turkey is one of the largest mounds of hosts Aslantepe has located only 7 km from Malatya. B.C. The ancient city, which is thought to have been used as a settlement from the 5000s to the 11th century AD, is also an open-air museum. Most of the finds from the excavations are exhibited in the Malatya Museum.


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