Potato Mask Application for Flawless Skin! How to Make a Potato Mask?

You will have a smooth and flawless skin with the potato mask that will make your skin look like porcelain. So, how to make a potato mask?

Potato mask application for flawless skin! How to make a potato mask

Potato mask, which you can apply easily, is a practical mask because it can be made with ingredients found in every home. Here are the potato mask and recipes that will make your skin like marble.


Peel and grate the potatoes. Squeeze the grated potatoes and extract the juice. At the end of the process, you will get two separate materials as pulp and liquid. Wash your face with potato liquid. Apply the pulp to your custody and wait for a while. After doing these procedures, wash your face with plenty of water.

You can apply this application 3 times a week. If your skin is sensitive, you can apply potatoes after consulting your doctor.

Benefits of Potatoes in Skin

  • Potato exfoliates the skin and purifies the dead skin.
  • It soothes under-eye swelling.
  • Potato tightens the skin and provides a vigorous appearance.
  • Provides getting rid of acne and pimples.
  • Potato moisturizes the skin and becomes a solution for dry skin.
  • It is effective against under-eye bruises and skin spots.
  • It lightens the skin.
  • It is a solution to sunspots.

Note: In all skin mask applications, first seek medical advice.

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