New Practice From the Ministry of Justice: Those Entering and Leaving Prison for the Crime of Violence Against Women will be Followed

New practice from the Ministry of Justice Those entering and leaving prison for the crime of 'violence against women' will be followed

The Ministry of Justice has launched a new struggle with violence against women and announced that those who are imprisoned will be followed up after their release. With the application developed for the protection of the victim, the people who are evacuated will be immediately reported to the police and gendarmerie.

The Ministry of Justice has developed a new practice in combating violence against women, one of the bleeding wounds of humanity.

According to the news contact of those who are victims of deliberate killing, sexual abuse of children, qualified sexual assault, and torture and their relatives with the suspect will be prevented. From now on, information on the release of the prisoner or convict from the penal institution will be notified to the relevant law enforcement unit to take the necessary protective and preventive measures.

An anger control program for those who came to prison due to the act of violence

Again, people who are in prison due to violence against women will be subjected to anger control programs through the psycho-social service of the prison. If there is evidence that the suspect's tendency to violence continues, necessary information will also be shared with the Provincial Directorate of Family, Labor, and Social Services to evaluate the measures required to protect the victim.


With the start of the new judicial year against violence against women by the Ministry of Justice, some new practices were implemented. Accordingly, cases of domestic violence and violence against women are followed through certain prosecutors. Upon detecting that the victim has been subjected to violence before, effective protection measures are applied to the suspect. In particular, the risk assessment of qualified and repeated violence cases is done more carefully. Preventive measures appropriate for the case (anger control, coping with stress, substance abuse treatment, etc.) are also considered. The cautionary decisions regarding cases of violence are communicated through law enforcement units.

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