Model Sitting on Ladder to Pose was Harassed by Monkey

The famous US model was abused by a monkey while sitting on the stairs and posing during a visit to the monkey forest in Bali. The beautiful model made a video of those moments and posted the note "They really harassed my breasts".

Model sitting on ladder to pose was harassed by monkey

36-year-old American model Sara Underwood sat on the ladder between two monkey statues during her visit to the monkey forest in Bali. As he was about to shoot a memorial video, the monkeys harassed Sara by throwing her hands on her breasts while she was giving bananas to the monkeys who approached her. Sara shared the photos of her abused moments with the title of "Yes, they really harassed my breasts".


Before the abuse, Sara shared the photos of the monkeys with the headline "They will harass me, this is a warning". Many tourist women in the place where Sara was abused were also abused by monkeys.

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