Maria Pombo Reveals in 'El Hormiguero' that She has a Team of Sixteen People: It's a Profession Even if People don't Believe It

María Pombo reveals in 'El Hormiguero' that she has a team of sixteen people It's a profession even if people don't believe it

Maria Pombo went to 'El Hormiguero' for the first time yesterday. The young influencer, who has more than a million and a half followers on Instagram, made a  somewhat nervous debut on the Pablo Motos program:  "I've been watching the program for 10 years and suddenly hearing my name almost dropped a tear, " she said. 

The model and Instagramer assured that every day "700,000 people see her" and defended the work in social networks, a " real profession although people do not believe it " because "behind you generate employment." "At what point did you realize that you could live off the networks?" The presenter asked. "When brands start calling you and they offer you money."

"There you realize that you need a team that makes you a structure around your image. There is a great team that helps me with everything.  From a manager to a photographer, a videographer. We are about 16 people ", revealed. "I work 24 hours without a break. Always.  Something has to happen to you, you have to appear on the networks every day. As if you do not appear today one day. You cannot disappear," he explained.

On the other hand, Pombo also revealed which is the content that provokes the most 'likes' in his audience: "Clearly the most natural photos are liked more than those produced". On the subject of "I like you" and the comments, the influencer confessed that she goes to the psychologist because  "I have been working on this for 6 years and in the end, you have to manage both the good and the bad . And the pregnancy, the illness. and I went to get help managing all these things. 

And is that the young woman found out that she was pregnant and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis the same week: "I found out I was pregnant and I was happy because it was my dream. But I had very strange symptoms that we all smelled of sclerosis that my mother has suffered for 20 years. And they confirmed it to me after 8 days.

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