Lovebomb of the Year Exploded! Didem Soydan Caught on Camera for the First Time with His New Girlfriend

Lovebomb of the year exploded! Didem Soydan caught on camera for the first time with his new girlfriend

Famous model Didem Soydan and actress Burak Deniz were mentioned by love rumors for a long time. The couple's love was reflected in the cameras recently.

Famous actress Burak Deniz and model Didem Soydan were caught on camera. The names of the two have recently been mixed with love rumors.

According to the special Media of Burak Deniz, who participated in Ibrahim Selim's program last night, took his breath at Didem Soydan's house after the shooting. Speaking about their love affair for a while, the couple left the house together in the morning. It was understood that the love rumors between the two, who were caught on camera at that time, were true.


The allegations that Didem Soydan and Burak Deniz were in love had not been on the agenda for two months. The beautiful model has been signaling that she is someone in her life with social media posts for a while. Burak Deniz shared a photo with his friend at the camp. When Soydan took a photo with the same person in the same place, it was thought that they went to the camp together.

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