iPhone Enthusiasts Applied to the Turkish Grand National Assembly to Include Headphones and Chargers in the Boxes

iPhone enthusiasts applied to the Turkish Grand National Assembly to include headphones and chargers in the boxes

Users who are uncomfortable with Apple's iPhone 12 series charging charger and headset out of the box applied to the Turkish Grand National Assembly. citing examples showing that the legal obligation user out of the box with the headphones in France, I want to apply similar sanctions in Turkey.

Apple, who recently introduced the iPhone 12s, took a radical decision and removed the headset and charging adapter from the iPhone 12's box. The technology giant showed the reason for the change, which attracted great reactions, as protecting the environment.


Headphones come out of the box of iPhone products sold only in France. The reason for this is legal obligations. Devices sold in France do not include a charger as in other countries, but in France, headphones must be included in the box.

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