Home Buying Moderates its Fall While Adding Half a Year of Setbacks

Between January and August of this year, the sale of homes accumulated a decline of 24.4%, according to data from the INE.

Home buying moderates its fall while adding half a year of setbacks

Add half a year of setbacks, although the decline was less pronounced. The sale of homes fell by 12.1% last August about the same month of 2019, to add 31,394 operations, its second-highest figure, after July, since the Covid-19 pandemic was declared, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE) reported this Friday and collects Europa Press.

With the year-on-year decline in August, which is 20 points more moderate than that of July, the year-on-year rate for the sale and sale of properties for six consecutive months after having fallen by 18.6% in March, in April by 39.2%, in May 53.7%, in June 34.3%, and in July 32.4%.

The year-on-year decrease in sales of homes in August was the consequence of the decline in operations on used homes by 16.1%, to 24,626 transactions, since those made on new homes increased by 6.4%, to 6,768 operations. 90.9% of the dwellings transmitted by sale in the eighth month of the year were free dwellings and 9.1% were protected.

The sale of free homes fell by 12.7% year-on-year in August, to 28,537 operations, while that of protected homes fell by 6.3%, adding a total of 2,857 operations.

In monthly terms (August over July), the sale of dwellings fell by 3.9%, compared to the monthly drop of 26.1% experienced in August 2019. However, it is its second-largest decline in August in the last five years and contrasts with the monthly increase of 20% that was registered in July.

Between January and August of this year, the sale of homes accumulated a decline of 24.4%, with falls of 25.4% for operations on used homes and 19.9% for new homes

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