Health Brings to 53 The Number of Positives in the Rosalba Residence in Merida

Health brings to 53 the number of positives in the Rosalba residence in Merida

The SES will repeat the tests in a few days to confirm the cases of a center that has around 170 residents and about 110 workers

The Rosalba de Merida residence is once again affected by cases of COVID-19. If at the end of March, during the first wave of the coronavirus, cases were already registered and soldiers from the Extremadura XI brigade carried out disinfection tasks in this center for the elderly, now the PCR tests confirm the existence of coronavirus again. PCR was performed yesterday and this Wednesday 53 positives and 274 close contacts were confirmed in the follow-up. For this reason, the SES has declared this new outbreak in the official daily statistics. In Rosalba, there are currently 170 seniors and 110 workers.

Rosalba, in the Los Bodegones neighborhood, had, for a few days, according to the SES controlled, with five positive cases of coronavirus. Two were residents and 3 workers. Now, given the very significant number of new positives, Health is going to reinforce the health control and protection measures that already exist in a residence with high health security measures. Public Health will repeat the PCR in a few days to verify if all continue to test positive.

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