Ford and Volkswagen has Used Since Prefer Turkey: Will invest 800 Million Euros in Kocaeli

Automotive giants Ford and Volkswagen opted for commercial vehicles to be produced in Kocaeli in Turkey as a partner. A giant factory will be established in the capital of the industry with an investment of approximately 800 million Euros. With the establishment of the new facility, 2,000-2,500 people will be employed.


Ford and Volkswagen has used since prefer Turkey will invest 800 million euros in Kocaeli

The leading brands in the automotive sector Ford and Volkswagen's commercial partners to develop tools to Turkey from Istanbul ' also won the clarity they produce. Kocaeli Chamber of Industry Chairman Ayhan Zeytinoglu, "It was about 800 million euros in huge investment the address of Turkey. 110 acres will be set up giant plants on their land. Started ground survey work in the factory. Ground improvement in the parking section between the factory with a jetty and began to be bored piles of gravel," he said.

Zeytinoglu explaining that accelerates the due time Leave the plant's construction work on the pandemic, said: "The agreement between the two giant companies, one of the most significant investments in Turkey will and will contribute 20 percent of employment. Both Kocaeli a great investment for both Turkey."


An agreement was reached between the US automaker Ford and the German car brand Volkswagen to develop commercial vehicles, electric cars, and autonomous technologies in January 2019. Under the deal will be developed on a common platform of the two brands of commercial vehicles and the production of these vehicles was described as a place they think of Turkey. No official statement has been made by the companies yet about the production location of the vehicles expected to be on the roads in 2022. However, it was learned that the two brands agreed on Kocaeli as the production site for new vehicles.

Zeytinoglu, "one of the most serious investments in Turkey will be. In an automotive factory in our region as we hear of another brand, the consensus was achieved with the condition to produce a second product. In this context, existing plants grown, production will be the vehicle of other automotive brands," he said.


The factory of the Ford factory in Yenikoy will be expanded and a new 110-acre facility will be established. It is predicted that the annual capacity of 320 thousand vehicles currently produced at the Ford factory will reach 750 thousand with the start of production of Volkswagen's new commercial vehicles. Turkish Metal Union Golcuk Branch President Mehmet Sener said, "With the establishment of new facilities at the Ford factory, where 8,500 people currently work, an additional 2,000-2,500 jobs are provided.


Emphasizing that it is very important for a powerful company in Germany to make such a big investment during the pandemic period, Zeytinoglu said, "I hope the project will come to life as soon as possible without any mishaps." Things to invest in a serious investment would be expressing Zeytinoglu, "Turkey will provide great support to exports. Studies were initiated. As soon as our company makes these investment agreements and investment road map will be shared with the public," he said.

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