Do Eyes Open While Swimming in the Pool and the Sea?

You need to pay attention to some rules in your activities so that your holiday does not end unpleasantly. The unhygienic nature of the pool and sea you swim in during your vacation creates risks in many issues, especially your eyes.

Do eyes open while swimming in the pool and the sea

Experts underline that you should not open your eyes while swimming in pools and seas. Because of the unhygienic environment, you swim in invites many eye diseases.


If the sand and sun duo push people to the sea and the pool, they can invite various problems in case of imprudence. In order not to face problems such as allergic conjunctivitis, yellow spots, and cataracts, you should make sure that the environment you swim in is hygienic and you should not open your eyes while swimming. Chemicals used to ensure the hygiene of the pool water can also cause unwanted effects on your eyes.


Especially pools pose great risks for infection. Allergic conjunctivitis, which causes effects such as redness, watering, burning, and burring in the eyes, is generally 3-4 days of complaints and goes away by itself. However, if the body resistance is not strong enough, the picture may be aggravated and eye disorders such as glaucoma and cataracts may occur.

Do eyes open while swimming in the pool and the sea


To avoid eye infections, wear swimming goggles when entering the pool. Besides, make sure that the environment you are swimming in is suitable for swimming conditions and necessary inspections have been made.

Note: If you feel allergic symptoms after swimming, you should consult your doctor.

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