Coronavirus: France Enters Second Period of National Restraint Measures

French President Emmanuel Macron announced that a second national restriction would be imposed on the country for at least the whole of November.

Coronavirus - France enters second period of national restraint measures

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that a second national restriction will be imposed on the country for at least the whole of November.

Under the new measures taking effect on Friday, Macron stated that people can only leave their homes for necessary business and medical reasons.

Unnecessary businesses such as restaurants and bars will be closed, but schools and factories will remain open.

Covid-19 deaths in France are at their highest level since April. 33,000 new cases were recorded on Tuesday.

Macron said the country is at risk of "being unable to cope with a second wave, which is no doubt more difficult than the first."

As with the first restraining measures launched in March, people must fill out a form to justify leaving their homes, Macron said.

Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel also said that her country "should act now" and called for "a great national effort" to fight the virus,

Covid infections are increasing sharply in many European countries.

Night curfews have been introduced in some countries. This includes 46 million people in France. But one French minister complained that night bans did not stop social interactions.

Macron also stated that France should now "apply the brakes" "in order not to drown under the pace of the epidemic."

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