Coronavirus Detected in 62 Miners

Coronavirus detected in 62 miners

Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises (TTK) Armutcuk Head of Department, 19 workers tested positive two days of testing before the 300 workers made corona-virus.

Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises (TTK) Armutcuk Head of Department, two days before the 300 workers made corona-virus 19 workers tested positive in the test. GMIS President Hakan Yesil said that 62 of the total 1080 workers had positive corona-virus tests and 150 workers who had contact were in quarantine at their homes.

Two days ago, 300 miners were tested for corona-virus when the workers showed signs of corona-virus at TTK Armutcuk Directorate. Corona-virus was detected in 19 of the miners tested. General Mining Workers Union Chairman Hakan Yesil said that a total of 1080 workers were tested in the facility in a short time. Stating that a total of 62 workers who test positive are currently being treated at their homes, Yesil, we frequently experience the effects of corona-virus in Zonguldak and TTK. Cases had been reduced to a minimum in recent days. Only Friday our numbers in Armutcuk have increased incomprehensibly since today. Our number of cases, which was 14 on Friday, increased to 62 in Armutcuk. 150 of our friends determined by the radiation team were also sent to home quarantine. Fortunately, no one is in a serious situation. All of them receive treatment at home. He said that intensive measures are currently being taken in Armutcuk and the work continues.

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