Citizen's Unsubscription Ordeal will End With e-Government

Citizen's unsubscription ordeal will end with e-Government

The ordeal of the citizen for years when canceling the subscription is coming to an end. After the Information Technologies and Communication Authority has completed its work, subscription cancellations such as internet and telephone can now be made via e-Government.

The good news that concerns millions of citizens came from the Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTIK). The fax, signed petition, and identity submission period required for the cancellation of subscription agreements such as television, internet, and telephone are now coming to an end. The termination of the contract, which has almost become the ordeal of the citizens, will be possible through e-Government with the completion of the work by HRST.


Aydın Agaoglu, Honorary President of the Consumer Application Center, stated that consumers are making great efforts to terminate their subscription contracts and said, "We are all subscribers somewhere. Especially, the mobile phone and internet subscription have become very common. More difficult. The consumer is struggling. The operators say, 'We have a dealer here, you will go and give a letter of termination with wet signature, identity card, and then we will evaluate it.' In the past, the biggest success of the consumer who wanted to unsubscribe was freezing. said.


Aydın Agaoglu stated that millions of citizens were victims of this practice and said, "There was a curfew for 65 years and over recently. They went to the dealer to the 69-year-old subscriber and presented the conditions of the petition with an identity card and wet signature. They also requested faxes. What does a fax look for at home? Write a petition, sign it, scan it, long long transactions by fax. Millions of subscribers who could not do these were suffering. Now it will make a subscription termination notice via e-Government. The service will be terminated within. The service will not be terminated, even if the subscriber continues to use it, the company will not be able to reflect the bill, "he said.

Agaoglu continued his words as follows: "According to the legislation, termination cannot be made with a heavier method than the method that provides the subscription facility. Sometimes they talk about security. . Today we have 160 million subscriptions in Turkey. 83 million mobile phone subscriptions, there are 60 million internet subscribers. Satellite television and fixed telephone subscription when you add it to subscribers over 160 million 'look to intellectuals' I say. now, to terminate the subscription it will not be as difficult to get rid of the shackles. "


Citizens, on the other hand, state that all transactions are done quickly when starting the subscription, but they face all kinds of difficulties when the subscription is canceled. Citizens Ibrahim Saki said, "We have a hard time canceling a subscription. It is very easy to buy, the possibilities are very comfortable, but when we cancel it, it becomes very difficult. They say," You have a contract, you have to pay for the contract. " "It would be great if he threw it. The citizens will be comfortable."

Volkan Aktas also says, "There is a shutdown menu on the phone, we make a request from there, but you have to go to the dealer for it to be completely closed. They want a petition when they go to the dealer. the application is installed on our mobile phone, "he said.

Another citizen, Ismail Akgul, complaining about the obligation to send a fax for cancellation, said, "They are constantly delaying, they do not answer. They ask for documents, faxes. We cannot cancel it. This process takes 1-1.5 months, but subscribing takes five minutes. Fax is dead. "We can't find the fax anyway. It is barely available in one of the five shops. I gave up canceling it last. I stop now, I don't pay the bills."

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