Cancer Treatment Presenter Dilay Kemer was Taken to Intensive Care

Fenerbahce TV presenter Dilay Kemer, who has been receiving cancer treatment for a long time, was taken to intensive care. Making a statement about Kemer, FB TV said, "Our prayers and our hearts are with you."

Cancer treatment presenter Dilay Kemer was taken to intensive care

Beautiful presenter Dilay Kemer, known for her sympathetic attitude, has been struggling with cancer for a while. It was claimed that Dilay Kemer, who had been away from the screen for a long time, preserved the seriousness of his condition and was taken into intensive care.


The first statement about the status of Dilay Kemer, who entered the trend list on Twitter in a short time, came from FB TV. In the post on the channel's twitter account, "We wish Dilay Kemer, the beloved face of our channel, urgent recovery. Our prayers and our hearts are with you!" It was said.


Dilay Kemer spoke to her followers with the following words in her post on January 30: "For the first time, I wanted to share something from the time of illness on a TBT day. This photo of 30.08.2018 is my first treatment-chemotherapy day.  I have received more treatments than I can count, I have changed both physically and spiritually, but I hope that today is the end. By Allah's leave, I am having a second bone marrow transplant today. I kiss your beautiful hearts that made me feel your love until today. "


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