British Police Seized a Chinese Vase Worth 26 Million TL, Which was Stolen a Year Ago

British police seized a Chinese vase worth 26 million TL, which was stolen a year ago

Police in Britain seized the vase belonging to the famous Chinese dynasty Ming, which was stolen from Switzerland about a year ago and worth 2.5 million British pounds (approximately 26 million TL).

The 15th century Ming vase, which was seized during a counterfeit money investigation in the southern city of Charlton, was stolen by an organized crime group from a Swiss collection last June. The vase was found during a raid in Charlton, south of London, and as part of an investigation into counterfeit money.


"This vase is valued at around £ 2.5 million, is unique and therefore has immeasurable cultural value. It will be sent back to its country when the time comes," police said in a statement.

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