Blue Dollar Today: How Much it is Trading on Wednesday, October 7

Blue dollar today how much it is trading on Wednesday, October 7

the blue dollar is trading this October 7 at $ 149.00 for the purchase and $ 155.00 for the sale, which positions it 60.81 percent above the official dollar. The price of the US currency in the formal market is around $ 76.52 and $ 82.72 respectively.

In relation to the last business day, the blue dollar is shown above, since the currency traded at 146.00 for the purchase and $ 152.00 for the sale. In this way, the official US currency is around 0.00% while the parallel climbed 1.95%.

It should be noted that the blue dollar does not have an official price, but rather its value leaves the average price in exchange places. The exchange stocks, a measure implemented to control the price of the currency and take care of the Central Bank's reserves, reactivated parallel market operations, where users seek to circumvent the limit of $ 200 per month for savings.

Nation Bank Dollar

In Banco Nacion, the official dollar is trading at $ 76.00 for purchase and $ 83.00 for sale, while in the electronic channel it was sold at $ 83.00.

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