At What Level Did the Dollar / TL Start the New Day?

At what level did the dollar TL start the new day

Dollar / TL is traded at 7.8965, after starting the day with a rise. The dollar / TL, which saw the lowest 7.7225 and the highest 7.9566 last week, completed Friday at 7.88583, 1.1 percent below the previous close.

Dollar/ TL is trading at 7.8965 0.5 percent above the previous closing as of 09.35, after starting the new day with an increase. In the same minutes euro/ TL increased by 0.4 percent from 9.3290 and from 10.3040 with 0.4 percent gain in pound / TL.

Dollar index stabilized at 93.1 levels with a horizontal motion. The euro / dollar parity is trading at 1.1815, 0.1 percent below the previous close.

Analysts stated that the July labor force and the balance of payments data for the month of July will be followed in Turkey today, and that the data agenda abroad is calm, and the new type corona virus (Covid-19) vaccine and on geopolitical developments news he said that his flow kept his place in the focus of the agenda.

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