Aslıhan Turan, who Gave Birth 4 months Ago, Started to See her Doctor for her Third Child

Aslıhan Turan, who sat at the wedding table with Arda Turan in 2018 and took her second baby in her arms 4 months ago, is waiting for the approval of her doctor for the third child.

Aslıhan Turan, who gave birth 4 months ago, started to see her doctor for her third child

Aslıhan Dogan Turan, who married Galatasaray football player Arda Turan in March 2018, gave birth to their son Hamza Arda in 2018 and Asil Aslan on 30 June. Stating that she loves crowded families and wants to have 4 children, Aslıhan Turan is waiting for permission from her doctor to become pregnant.


In the daily news, according to the tastes of the baby boy and two girl children said Turan, in a statement made earlier "We will wait for more than a third baby. Our objective 4," he said.

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