Arrested After Robbing a Gas Station and Attacking a Civil Guard Patrol in Pallares

Arrested after robbing a gas station and attacking a Civil Guard patrol in Pallares
Vehicle intercepted by the Civil Guard with objects of the robbery at the Pallares gas station

La Benemerita continues the search for a person who accompanied her in criminal actions

Robbery at a gas station, theft of a vehicle, and hitting the Civil Guard patrols with a passenger car. These are the facts that a detainee is accused of after the robbery at a service station in Pallares.

He is a neighbor of Villafranca de los Barros and the events were perpetrated in the towns of Pallares, Villafranca de los Barros and Fuente de Cantos.

At dawn, last Friday, the Badajoz Civil Guard Operative Center informed the Zafra and Llerena service patrols that a theft alarm at the service station in the Badajoz town of Pallares had gone off.

Transferred to the indicated place, the agents confirmed the theft inside this establishment, where after tearing off the access bars with a vehicle, they seized a vending machine for tobacco, collection, and various drinks, for which a security device was activated. Search in the different communication channels. Finally, tourism was located when it circulated on the road from Pallares to Fuente de Cantos.

The driver, upon noticing the presence of the agents, fled at high speed, even rammed into the patrols, and left the same in the municipality of Calzadilla de Los Barros, to continue the escape on foot. Subsequently, one of its occupants was intercepted and detained.

After the vehicle inspection, money, tobacco, and other objects belonging to the theft were found inside, as well as tools used in the events. The Civil Guard also verified that tourism had been stolen that same night from inside a warehouse in the town of Villafranca de Los Barros.

The agents try to locate the co-author of criminal actions.

The proceedings, together with the detainee, were placed at the disposal of the Zafra Examining Courts, which decreed his entry into prison.


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