Abdurrahim Albayrak, who Resigned at the Board Meeting, was Reversed from His Decision

Abdurrahim Albayrak, who resigned at the board meeting, was reversed from his decision

Abdurrahim Albayrak, vice president of Galatasaray, left his mark on the meeting held after Kasımpasa's defeat. Albayrak held himself and the administration responsible for the failure to make the necessary transfers and decided to resign. However, he was later reversed from this decision.

After the defeat of Kasımpasa in Galatasaray, a critical meeting was held with the participation of President Mustafa Cengiz, 2nd President Abdurrahim Albayrak, Vice President Yusuf Gunay, and Fatih Terim. The message of unity and solidarity emerged from the meeting, where everyone was waiting for what decisions to be taken, holding their breath, and the comment was made, "The biggest candidate of the championship is again Galatasaray." However, it was learned that the meeting in question was not so calm.

It was reported that Abdurrahim Albayrak was very nervous at the meeting Terim attended and then left, and held himself and the management responsible for the transfers and not making the necessary reinforcements to the team.

Then I will let go

According to the news,  Albayrak's "Why can't we make a transfer?" President Cengiz and his supporters replied, "We will have trouble in case of exceeding the limit, we cannot take this risk". Thereupon, it was learned that Albayrak decided to resign by saying "Then I will quit", but then he was calmed down and turned away from this decision.


It is said that the experienced manager, who always stands out in flash transfers but has become one of the names criticized by the fans, is also uncomfortable with this situation. It is known that Albayrak, who previously contributed financially to the club in troubled times, is no longer keen on this. In fact, Albayrak said to his close circle's insistence that "put your candidacy for the Presidency", "What should I do, will I get 100 million euros out of my pocket this time?" It was alleged that he gave the answer.


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