911 Investment Incentive Certificates Were Awarded

911 investment incentive certificates were awarded

The Ministry of Industry and Technology issued 911 investment incentive certificates in August.

The Ministry's list of investment incentive certificates for August 2020 was published in the Official Gazette. Accordingly, 911 investment incentive certificates were issued in August. The fixed investment amount of the projects that received certificates was calculated as 18 billion 334 million 116 thousand 316 lira  It is planned to employ 28 thousand 411 people with the realization of these investments.

On the other hand, 127 investment incentive certificates, with a fixed investment amount of 2 billion 477 million 287 thousand 406 lira and anticipated employment of 3 thousand 425 people, were canceled.

In this period, the fixed investment amount of companies that received investment incentive certificate completion visa was 3 billion 167 million 786 thousand 510 TL, and the number of people employed in these companies was 10 thousand 335.

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