5 People who Consumed with 'Buyer' Cores were Hospitalized

5 people who consumed with 'buyer' cores were hospitalized

5 people who consumed excessive Hawthorn in Sivas experienced problems in their digestive systems and took their breath at the hospital. In the examinations, it was understood that the receiver consumed with its core took the form of a mass in the stomach and caused an obstruction.

Hawthorn, which grows spontaneously in nature and is thought to be good for many diseases, this time got sick. In Sivas, 5 people who consumed a lot of Hawthorn in a week applied to Sivas Medicana Hospital with various complaints. In the examinations, it was determined that Hawthorn seeds combined in the stomach of the patients and formed a mass, and the masses formed caused obstruction in the stomach. Hawthorn masses, which caused discomfort in patients, were fragmented by the endoscopic method using foreign body forceps.


Gastroenterology Specialist. Prof. Dr. Abdulkerim Yılmaz stated that four patients applied to the hospital with similar complaints such as abdominal pain and said, "Hawthorn is a local plant, we are in its season. People started to consume it very frequently in this period. It is claimed to be very useful and consumed very frequently in this season. We had patients who came with complaints such as abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, vomiting, and indigestion. 4-5 cases came in a week. In our most interesting case, we had a patient with a mass in the stomach. We thought we had a mass in the stomach area. Later, we performed an ultrasound and tomography examinations, indeed, the stomach looked like a mass. In 4 of our patients, they came with complaints such as stomach bloating, nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain. When we performed endoscopy examination on these patients, we saw bezoar (mass foreign body) formation, which you can call foreign body in the stomach, petrified hawthorn fruit in the form of a mass. We think that it is probably caused by excessive consumption or consumption with its core. We break this mass in the stomach with foreign body forceps, and when we break it up, we see a Hawthorn fruit that has become a mass. "said.


Paying attention to the fact that the buyer should not be consumed too much and with its core, Yılmaz said, "This group of patients started to come very often because the receiver was consumed very frequently in this period. We need to announce this to people and we need to give this information. As a recommendation, we recommend that it should be consumed very little and not consumed with its core. "It can occlude the small intestine. After making sure that it is completely disintegrated, we send the patients to their homes."


Drawing attention to the importance of quantity in hawthorn consumption, Dietitian Eda Unal said, "Hawthorn fruit, which emerged in nature with the approach of the autumn period, is a fruit that is very effective in strengthening immunity, lowering high cholesterol and blood pressure, and losing weight. It can cause problems such as stomach congestion and diarrhea when consumed. Apart from that, we do not want it to be consumed in pregnant and lactating mothers. As with everything else, the amount of hawthorn is also very important. " said

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